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What paperwork should I get from a dealership?

You’re almost there: it’s nearly time for you to drive your new car home! You’re not completely done, however, until you’ve filled out the required paperwork. Here’s what you can expect to see from the dealership during your last visit before driving home your dream car:

Buyer’s Order or Bill of Sale

o   This is the basic sales contract. The dealer will give you a copy of the completed, signed contract at the time of purchase. This will be what you take to the DMV when you register your vehicle and get your license plates.

o   The bill of sale will include:

  •  Your name and address
  •  The seller’s name, address, signature
  •  Description of the vehicle (year, make, model)
  •  The car’s VIN
  •  The amount you paid for the car
  •  Any trade-in details, if applicable

o   Look over the contract carefully—make sure it contains the terms you discussed and negotiated with the dealer. Ask any questions that you have before you sign it.

Odometer Disclosure Statement

This document is required with any car sale and at the end of a lease. It includes the vehicle’s basic information, the information of both its buyer and seller, and the odometer reading at the time of sale.

Inspection Certificates

These document that the car is up-to-date on the state-regulated safety and emissions tests.

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