Nail in the tire? Lost keys? Cracked Windshield? Titanium’s got you covered.

Running over a nail or losing your car keys can feel devastating. They give you that feeling of dread knowing that you will have to pay to fix something that was quite possibly avoidable. Titanium is a product that can help you out in these tight situations.

If your car key or remote is ever lost, stolen, or destroyed, Titanium covers the cost of the replacement key/remote. Also, if your remote starts to malfunction, the reprogramming costs are covered. Titanium covers up to $800 per year, and there are no out-of-pocket expenses as long as you have the service done at a Kornerstone dealership.

As far as your tires and wheels are concerned, Titanium covers the repair and replacement of tires and wheels if they are damaged due to a road hazard. If you can’t drive your vehicle to a dealership due to irreparable tire damage, your towing costs will be covered too. Once your tire/wheel is getting replaced or repaired, Titanium covers the tax, balancing, and mounting. Even aftermarket wheels and replacement tires are covered. Like with the keys/remotes, there are no out-of-pocket expenses if you have the work done at a Kornerstone dealership.

Beyond protecting your tires, wheels, and keys, Titanium has a number of other benefits. Have a cracked windshield? Titanium covers unlimited repairs of repairable windshield stars and cracks up to 6 inches. Annoyed by door dings? Titanium provides unlimited removal of them with no deductible. Titanium also gives 24-hour roadside assistance for everything from flat tires to fuel delivery.

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