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What should I know after I buy a new car?

Q: How and when will I receive my vehicle license plates?

A: Once the loan on your new vehicle has been approved and secured and the funds have been received by the dealership, we’ll submit the necessary paperwork to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The DMV will then process the paperwork and send the license plates to the dealership. The dealership business office will contact you to let you know that the plates are ready and set a time for you to come in and have them installed. So how long will the whole process take? Well that will depend on two key factors: the amount of time required by lending sources to approve your loan and the amount of time required by the DMV to process your registration paperwork and mail the dealership your plates.

Q: When will my trade be paid off?

A: Once your new car loan has been secured and the dealership has received the funds, the trade payoff amount will be disbursed to the lien holder on your old vehicle. If a payment on your current loan is due, we recommend making that payment. Paying it will guarantee that no missed payments show up on your credit report. When your trade in is paid off, Any excess funds received by your bank will be refunded by your bank once the lien has been released.

Q: How soon can accessories be installed on my vehicle?

A: Accessories can be installed after the loan on your new vehicle has been secured and the funds have been received by the dealership, but no longer than 30 days after your new car purchase.

Q: Where can I buy parts for my car?

A: When it comes to buying parts for your car, each dealership has their own parts department and can order any part you need. If you need help installing the part then our service department is available for you to make an appointment.

Q: How do I schedule a service appointment?

A: We understand the importance of the investment you have made with your vehicle purchase.  Our certified and factory-trained Technicians are guaranteed to get and keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. You can schedule a service appointment at any of the Ken Garff dealerships by going to the service tab on the dealership website or by calling the dealership’s service department phone number.

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