Should I buy PermaPlate and Undercoating add-on’s for my new car?

A new car is a large financial commitment, and as such, it’s something that we naturally want to protect. The first time you notice that your car has a scratch or a rust spot is always a downer. PermaPlate and undercoating are two dealership products that help protect your new vehicle and its appearance.


PermaPlate is line of protective products that are designed for every surface on both the outside and inside of your car. They mitigate damage from all sorts of things, from fingerprints and spills to scratches and glass cracks. One important feature of PermaPlate is the warranty that covers the different products. If your car’s appearance gets damaged, you can file a claim and have PermaPlate cover it.


Undercoating is a protective product that is used to protect your vehicle’s undercarriage. It protects your car from moisture, salt, grime, and other substances that can damage and rust your vehicle over time. Most people don’t ever wash their car’s undercarriage, so these substances can build up and wreak havoc over a long period of time, hurting the car’s safety and resale value. Undercoating can protect against this.

So, is it worth it to me?

Whether or not these products are for you depends on a number of factors. If you’re willing to file a claim whenever there’s cosmetic damage to your car, PermaPlate can keep your vehicle looking nice for a long time. If that sounds like too much of a hassle, it might not be for you. Undercoating can be a big help here in Utah or any other state that gets a lot of moisture, especially in the winter. All that road salt can damage and eat through a vehicle over time, so undercoating can help mitigate that.



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