Drive America’s highways for any significant distance and you’ll see a lot of crazy things. One of the most common oddities is the over-ambitious transporter. We’ve all seen him—he’s the guy with the sofa tied to his roof with twine. The fact is, our cars carry more than people. We use them to carry our purchases, our pets, our furniture, and every other part of our lives. For that reason, cargo space is an incredibly important feature, often overlooked by car shoppers. To help you avoid becoming the over-ambitious transporter, here’s a list of four cars with incredible storage capacity. Because not everyone wants to drive a full-sized truck or SUV, we’ve included cars with great comparative cargo space from various automobile classes and manufacturers.


Honda Odyssey

Minivan drivers know all about the need to fit stuff in. Faced with the challenge of taking a family of seven and their luggage on a weeklong road trip will get you thinking about cargo space pretty quickly. While a lot of minivans, including the Nissan Quest and the Toyota Sienna, boast large cargo capacities, the Honda Odyssey deserves attention for its interesting use of space. With some of the highest cargo volume in its class and seating capacity for seven, this family vehicle is big enough for even large families. With the Odyssey, it’s the special features like a built in cool box, special cargo configurations, and third-row magic seat that really catch your attention.


Hyundai Santa Fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe is a compact sport utility vehicle with some impressive features. With its third row, this stylish vehicle can seat up to seven people—an impressive seating capacity given the vehicle’s modest exterior size. With the ability to collapse both the second and third rows, the Santa Fe boasts an impressive maximum cargo capacity of 80 cubic feet. And, as a bonus, the rest of the interior features—from safety to style to technology—will also leave you feeling impressed.


Nissan Rogue

For a sleek little crossover SUV, the Nissan Rogue offers an unbelievable amount of cargo space. This five-seater can be configured in a number of creative ways to fit more stuff than anyone would ever think. The Rogue’s creative Divide-N-Hide® cargo system lets you create different compartments of storage depending on your transportation needs. In the most extreme of its 18 different cargo configurations, the Rogue offers up to 70 cubic feet of cargo storage.


Volkswagen Golf SportWagen

With the Golf SportWagen, versatility is the name of the game. As a wagon, this unique car walks the line between SUV and passenger car. With the rear seats folded down, this fun little vehicle can hold 66.5 cubic feet of whatever you need to transport. And, with plenty of latches in the cargo area, you’ll feel comfortable knowing that your freight is securely fastened.


Cars were meant to carry more than just people. With the right vehicle, you can transport just about anything. But, to haul your things comfortably and safely, you need a car with plenty of cargo space. These four cars, from a variety of classes and manufacturers, provide all the space you need to get your things from Point A to Point B, without becoming a spectacle on the roadway.

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