Dad’s fuming, the kids are fighting, and it smells like chicken nuggets—it must be family road trip time. Somehow, when boredom and drama mix perfectly in the warm melting pot of a family minivan, the result is a set of unbelievably happy memories that last a lifetime. And, while you probably don’t want to bottle that backseat odor, you’ll want those road trip memories to last until long after your final rest stop restroom break.

In honor of #GarffRoadTrip month, we have four unique ideas to provide the perfect ways to capture and preserve those memories beyond the bliss of one perfect summer season.

Mail It In

You probably remember picking out a postcard at a hotel gift shop, scribbling it with a quick message, then shipping it to your best friend at home. While post cards seem to have surrendered to the instant “I miss you” messages of Instagram and other social networks, they still have a unique way of preserving vacation memories for the long haul. Have your kids fill out a postcard at each major stop on your family road trip, then send it home to themselves. When you return, collect the cardstock keepsakes and bind them into a permanent reminder of your recent adventure.

Commission a Travelling Troupe of Artists

Deputize your little devils by making them official road trip recorders. Hand them a sketchpad and a set of colored pencils, then ask them to keep a detailed account of the journey. Older, more technically inclined highway historians might enjoy performing the same task using a digital camera and recorder. Be sure to require that memories be chronicled in both visual and verbal form. These handmade vacation logs will preserve vacation memories from the unique perspective of your enthusiastic kids. As a side benefit, recording memories requires intense concentration, which tends to distract kids from picking on each other or chanting the much-dreaded “Are we there yet?”

Write the Book

In today’s digital world, our vacations have a way of vanishing along with our old memory cards and computers. Avoid the urge to store your road trip memories in digital form alone; instead, use one of the popular Internet-based image publishing services to print a book about your family vacation. Keep a collection of all your travel logs on a shelf or coffee table and your family will enjoy revisiting its voyages for years to come.

Make the Movie

For those who want a comprehensive account of their summertime travels, video recording devices provide the perfect way to overdo it. Simply grab a GoPro camera, securely clip it to a fender or rooftop rack, and record the most scenic portions of your journey. This unique approach will provide a mile-by-mile reminder of the roadmap your family followed.  And, lucky for you, we will be giving away a GoPro at the end of the week. To enter to win, simply answer our road trip questions on our Facebook page.

Breakdowns, backseat battles, and gas station bathrooms—we endure a lot of unfavorable conditions when we embark on family road trips. Those minor setbacks are a small price to pay, however, for the incredible memories we create as families seeking freedom on the open road. So, before you fill up your first tank of gas this summer, be sure you have a plan to adequately preserve those important memories. When it’s all over, you’ll wish summer could last longer, but you won’t need to worry about the longevity of those precious memories.

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