Aftermarket automotive work is often seen as an expensive hobby for extreme car enthusiasts. From spoilers and racing stripes to tailpipes and suspension systems, many of the most common post-purchase car improvements are fairly useless to the ordinary consumer. There is, however, aftermarket products that may be of interest to everyday drivers. These add-ons can increase the safety of almost any car. The following list includes the most popular aftermarket add-ons for safety currently available.

Back-Up Cameras

Given the fact that around fifty children are injured every single week in the United States from vehicles backing up, rearview cameras may be one of the greatest safety innovations since the seatbelt. While these amazing little cameras will soon be mandatory in all new cars, many of the older cars on the road don’t have them built in. Fortunately, there is a broad selection of affordable and effective options for aftermarket rearview cameras. Though they won’t feel seamlessly integrated into your car’s other components, these ready-to-install options should provide the same safety benefits as their factory-installed counterparts.

Sensors, Sensors, Sensors

Many technology experts have predicted that the coming ubiquity of sensors will change the way we do everything. This is certainly true when it comes to automotive safety. Proximity sensors can provide visual and audible warnings when objects approach and can alert you to the possibility of imminent impacts.  Again, many cars come fully equipped with advanced sensors; however, these amazing safety features aren’t always available, even in new vehicles. Fortunately, these amazing systems are readily available as aftermarket add-ons. Although many aftermarket sensor systems can be complicated to install, others are wireless and can be installed with relatively little effort.

Just because you don’t drive the newest car on the road doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the latest safety technology. Aftermarket systems allow you to have any kind of camera or sensor installed, no matter what kind of car you drive. Of course, you’ll probably want to have these important systems installed by a qualified technician at the auto repair shop or at a dealership service department. If you’re looking to upgrade your ride, leave the spinning hubcaps to someone else. Spend your aftermarket budget on some serious technology that can keep you and your passengers safer on the roads.



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