If there are two things that dads love, they are cars and projects. For the most part, dads pursue these passions separately and successfully. And, while mechanically-inclined fathers may be able to pull off complex car projects, dads sometimes bite off more than they can chew in the garage. To celebrate all the everyday dads during this Father’s Day Weekend, we put together three simple car hacks that we think dads will love. Not only are these projects useful, they’re simple enough for any dad to tackle on a single Saturday afternoon.

Refresh those Foggy Headlights

If the family wagon has been on more than a couple of family road trips, there’s a good chance that the headlights lost their sparkle a long time ago. Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy fix for foggy headlights that will leave dad’s handy-man ego shining like new.

Ding-Proof that Garage Wall

Either the garage is shrinking or Dad’s not quite as slender as he used to be, but that driver-side door seems to be banging into the garage wall a lot these days. Dad could hit the gym more often, or he could use this quick trick to protect his paint job.

Wrestling that Pesky Key Ring

Dad’s worked hard and he’s moving up in the world. That can only mean one thing: more keys on the key ring. But dad’s fingers just weren’t made for finessing those impossible metal loops. Tell him that he can use a tool to complete the task and he’ll be jumping out of his hammock. This extra simple hack is easy enough for fathers of every skill level.

This Father’s Day, give dad exactly what he wants—car projects that are easy to complete. These simple car hacks will give your old man the Saturday satisfaction he craves, but won’t leave him in over his head.


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