Value is an interesting thing. Representing the trade off between price and utility, its perception varies widely between individuals and circumstances. For example, some people find eating out at restaurants to be a terrible waste of money, while others view it as an incredible bargain for the time it saves and the enjoyment it provides. The same could be said for concert tickets, theater candy, and pedicures. This individualized determination of value is very pronounced in the realm of automobile seating. Many find leather seats to be an unnecessary upgrade not worthy of the cost, while others find their incremental cost a small price to pay for their functional and aesthetic benefits. The following breakdown of their benefits may help you determine your own evaluation of whether or not leather seats are worth the cost.

Easy Cleanup

One of the most frequently cited benefits of leather seats in a car is the ease of cleanup. Imagine the mess of spilling chocolate milk onto the fabric upholstery of your car. Even after soaking, scrubbing, rubbing, and washing, you may be dealing with stains and odors for months to come. Make the same spill onto a leather seat, however, and a quick swipe of a damp towel should solve the entire problem in just minutes. Leather seats are better for crumbs, spills, stains, smells, and almost every type of automotive mess you can imagine. Of course, it should be remembered that leather seats require more in depth maintenance every once in a while.

Visual Appeal

For whatever reason, leather upholstery has come to be viewed by many as more attractive. Specifically, leather seats tend to increase the perception of luxury and expense. Individual car buyers should ask themselves whether or not they agree with that common perception and whether or not they care to claim that perception for their own car.

Resale Value

While leather seats are a more expensive purchase upfront, they also increase the resale value of their vehicles. The reason that leather seats can increase resale value is probably a combination of their desirability and their durability. If selling your new car as a trade-in or on the used car market is in your future plans, leather seats will probably help you fetch more for your old car.

Whether you’re talking about high-end kitchen appliances or off-brand sugar cereals, value can only be determined by the individual. The determination of whether leather seats are worth the extra cost is no different. After studying the benefits and drawbacks of leather upholstery, every driver has to decide whether or not they are willing to pay the extra cost for this common upgrade.


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  1. So I have a 2002 mustang convertible with cloth interior and seats I have been told to get seats from a junkyard. Question, will the seats from another ford product be just as serviceable or only a ’02 mustang ?

    • Thanks for reaching out, Robert. Our Ford dealership in American Fork has some suggestions for you. Give their Parts Department a call when you get a chance: (801) 763-6840.

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