Tire Month

When was the last time you thanked your tires? We’re not talking about the half-hearted “Thank you” that lacks sincerity. We’re talking about the “Thanks for taking me to work today even though I hit that pothole” and the “I appreciate you so much I’m going to patch that leak” type of thank you. We’d guess it’s been far too long.

Tragically, tires are all too often overlooked and underappreciated. They suffer rain, snow, potholes, road debris, and rough terrain without so much as a “Hang in there” thrown their way. But we’re setting out to change that. We want to give tires the praise they deserve as warriors of the road and fearless conquerors of rush hour traffic, which is why we are taking National Tire Week and turning the entire month of June into Tire Month.

All this month, we will be celebrating tires by running tire-related promotions and offering tire tips and facts in an effort to keep those tires safe, along with the precious cargo they cart around. Connect with your local Ken Garff dealership on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to join us for Tire Month. If nothing else, do it for your tires. You owe them that much.


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