Why Wont My Car Start

In order to solve a problem, sometimes all we need is the right approach. One of the most famous approaches to problem solving is known as Occam’s Razor. In basic terms, Occam’s Razor states that the simplest explanation is probably the correct one. In today’s world, some of our most annoying problems can be car problems. In particular, when a car fails to start, it can be very frustrating for drivers. Fortunately, Occam’s Razor applies to car problems as well. The next time your car won’t start, run through these possible explanations from most simple to most complicated, then take it to your nearest car dealership service station.

Dead Battery

When a car won’t start, the most likely explanation is a dead battery. Of course, a battery can be dead for many reasons and may require a number of corrective actions. Often, dead batteries are the result of simple overuse of the car’s electrical system. In the best case scenario, a quick battery jump will solve the problem. Depending on the condition of the battery, however, you may also need to clean the electrical contacts or even replace a depleted battery.


Other Electrical Problems

If you test your battery and it seems to be in good condition, the problem may be the result of another electrical component in the car. Car batteries supply electricity to numerous other automobile components, each necessary for the car to start. The ignition switch, the starter solenoid, and starter motor are all electrical components, and as such, are vulnerable to breakdown and failure. If electricity isn’t flowing through all of these important parts, your car won’t start properly.

Fuel Supply or Ignition

If it appears that all electrical systems are working well, the next simplest explanation for your car’s failure to start is the fuel supply or ignition. Again, thinking very simply, is there enough gasoline in your car? If there is, there could be a problem with the engine’s ability to spark the fuel. There could also be a problem with the fuel pump or some other piece of the fuel delivery system. Of course, a qualified mechanic or car dealership service station can help you diagnose and fix any of these problems.

There’s nothing simple about car trouble. Fortunately, though, simplicity is the best way to diagnose your car’s problem. And if you can’t find and fix what is causing your car to malfunction, we at Ken Garff are always here to help.


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