Hunter Wilson was made to be on the slopes. With his father working ski patrol and his mother working as a ski instructor, Hunter practically grew up at Snowbird, UT. He enjoyed skiing, but at age 12 Hunter kicked off his skis, strapped on a snowboard and hasn’t looked back since. He’s among the senior members of Team Park City United and highly respected by both his teammates and fellow competitors. Genuinely humble and gracious, Hunter is quick to encourage everyone he races alongside. He doesn’t mind the occasional wreck, loves crossing the finish line first, and lives to ride.

“People will listen to music when they ride, and I could never do that. I don’t think it’s smart to do that. You just have to listen to your board, and you get so much more out of that than just jamming out.”

Hunter has been into Boardercross for a few years now and is a 2018 Winter Olympic hopeful. Many snowboarders like to put in earbuds and listen to music as they go down the slopes—even during a race. Hunter decided that he would always keep his ears open as he boards, especially on race day. He uses this to his advantage as he is able to better read the course, the competition, and his own performance. This knowledge and understanding of his surroundings helps give Hunter an edge against the other boarders, which is a big deal when races are often decided in a matter of milliseconds.

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