As avid river rafters, climbers, mountain bikers, skiers and backpackers, the Featherstone brothers have a lot in common. They were also born deaf. Well known in the local deaf community for their outgoing personalities, these three brothers share a bond that has been created in a world of silence.

Joseph is married with one little boy. He works at Sorenson Communications on the VRS Interpreting Institute Faculty and is currently earning a master’s degree. He is an avid sports fan, an incredibly hard worker, and a dedicated family man. Very gracious and always looking for ways to help anyone around him, Joseph has a seemingly unending supply of energy that allows him to perform at an extremely fast pace.

Zach is married with one little girl and a boy on the way. He lives in Washington and is currently attending medical school. Zach is the best mountain climber of all the brothers and unanimously agreed to be one of, if not the toughest, of the brothers. Like Joseph, Zach is an incredibly hard worker and has accomplished big goals—such as attending med school—by dreaming big and working hard. Zach frequently considers how he might bring the deaf and hearing communities closer and is always thinking about how to improve the lives of those within the deaf community.

Benny is the youngest of the 6 brothers and undoubtedly the most kind. With a propensity for music, Ben has not allowed his inability to hear stifle his love and enthusiasm for music and the arts. Currently a full-time university student, Benny is currently considering pre-medical studies with the goal of attending med school like Zach. Also a very focused and hard worker, Benny is careful to always put people first and make anyone he engages with feel as if they are the only person on the planet, proof that he is an excellent listener that genuinely loves people.

These three brothers prove that whether you listen with your ears, your eyes, or your heart, the result of sincere listening is the same—connection.

Watch their story:

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