“Music and sound is a language of its own that allows people to communicate on a level they can’t just verbally, with words. My job as a sound engineer is to facilitate that transfer of emotion.” – Daren Smith

A live concert wouldn’t pack the audible punch it does without a sound engineer manipulating things behind-the-scenes. The same goes for any movie or TV show. Sound engineering may be a less acknowledged role in music and video production, but it is something that audiophiles like us are truly grateful for.

“I can move into an emotional level of listening, where I’m really trying to hear what that artist, film maker, or musician is trying to say through their medium.” – Daren Smith

Music was always an important part of Daren’s life. Throughout the years, Daren has played in multiple bands, on multiple instruments. He earned a degree in music and sound engineering and has been working professionally as a sound engineer for over a decade. In that time, Daren has worked with a number of musicians including Imagine Dragons, Neon Trees, and Joshua James. Daren is also a film producer and operates his own production company named Telekinesis Entertainment out of Provo, UT with co-founder Alan Seawright. Technically and artistically proficient at just about anything he does, Daren is the perfect mix of creative and calculated. At the end of the day, Daren’s work is all about allowing people to hear things the way they are intended to be heard.

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