5 Indicators You Should Find a New Salesman

Times are changing. Gone are the days when businesses had all the power and information, while customers were left to guess at their integrity. Now, with a 5 minute Google search you can find everything you want to know about a business and what other customers think of it, too.

That means that there’s no reason to put up with bad service and questionable sales staff. If you find that a salesman is unprofessional or dishonest, you can move on knowing you have other resources. But before you go mad with all this newfound power, let us supply you with a roadmap to determining whether or not your salesperson is up to snuff with these 5 indicators that you need to find a new salesman:

1. Too much pressure

Good salesmen will make sure you feel at ease and will listen to what you’re looking for; however, bad salesmen will pressure you and wear you down to the point that you will do anything to get the sales process over with. Watch for indications that they are pressuring you and go with your gut. If you feel like you’re being bullied, don’t stick around to see if it gets any better. Chances are it won’t. If they use one too many phrases such as “This price is only good for today,” “I have someone else ready to buy if you don’t,” and “You need to decide now” — don’t hesitate to show yourself to the door.

2. Your salesperson is replaced

If you find yourself in the middle of a game of tag amongst various salesmen, call for a time out and leave. Tied to #1, sometimes sales staff will wear you down by switching salespeople until you get fed up enough that you sign on the dotted line just be done with it all. Occasionally there will be a good reason for a switch in sales staff, but if it seems abrupt and excessive, go with your gut and get out of there.

3. They don’t honor their offer

You call in advance to discuss with a salesperson what they would give you for your trade-in, they give you a fantastic offer and tell you to come to the store. When you arrive, the offer has mysteriously changed and the too-good-to-be-true number is now clearly just that. If this happens to you, leave the dealership without looking back. Barring extenuating circumstances, a good salesman will always try to honor any offer they give.

4. Mistakes in the contract & unexplained add-ons

Everything’s gone smoothly so far, but then you go to sign the contract and notice some strange fees, some add-ons they never mentioned, and perhaps even some mistakes in the contract that are in the dealership’s best interest. Some dealerships do this in the hopes that you won’t notice, so be watchful and be careful. If you discover that you’re being hoodwinked, take your business elsewhere. Good dealerships will be open, honest, and communicative about everything in the contract.

5. They try to push you into a car you don’t want

You come in looking for a specific model only to find your salesperson raving about the newest car on the lot. It’s nicer with all the bells and whistles you could ask for, but it’s also way out of the budget. This is one of the most obvious signs that your salesman doesn’t have your best interests in mind. A good salesman should respect your budget and help you find the car you want and need. If you want a white sedan, but they’re pushing you into a blue model because it’s “in stock,” don’t be afraid to find another salesman. Get the car you want. Your salesperson should be attentive and listen to your needs and what you want.

Good salespeople will be open, honest, and will listen to you. It’s what we stand for at Ken Garff and what we train all our sales staff to live up to.



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